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& Peen Forming

Rare capability in autoclave age forming, shot peen forming, and oven forming up to





The age forming process, now utilized by many companies, was developed by our Nashville facility and patented during the 1980’s. This process is still in production today, and NWI Aerostructures continues to be an innovator in the forming of wing skins and stringers. Components are mechanically constrained with tooling to a spring back shape and then aged to its final temper and shape. During the aging process the stress in the material partially relaxes which allows the part to stay in the desired formed contour. The result is a superior part with much lower residual stresses as compared to mechanical forming.

Five systems of shot peen forming are employed for wing skins on material alloys not suitable for age forming.

Through continued innovation, Nashville has developed a patented, automated cold forming method and machine for stringers that provides a solution that’s more efficient than the current industry standard of manual forming.

Autoclave & Forming Equipment

Autoclave #415' x 85'650ºF250 psi
Autoclave #615' x 80'650ºF160 psi
Oven #312' x 16' x 100'400ºF
Oven #4312' x 16' x 100'400ºF
Oven #4712' x 16' x 100'400ºF
Oven #4913' x 16' x 90'400ºF

Shot Peen Forming Equipment

ManufacturerBlast Pot SizeNozzle SizePressure
Empire Abrasive Equipment
Empire Abrasive Equipment3/8"100 psi
Empire Abrasive Equipment3/8"100 psi
DeLong Equipment Company3.5 cubic foot3/8"100 psi
Abrasive Blast Systems3/8"100 psi